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About The Department of Aviation  

The Bahamas Department of Aviation is a national authority in the aviation industry. We are responsible for developing and maintaining the system, procedures and infrastructure necessary to ensure safe, secure and efficient air transportation services.

Our department is faced with challenges that include traveling across islands within the country, increasing tourism by encouraging more travel between islands through direct flights, managing airports around our country as well as making sure we have an up-to-date information system on all aspects of aviation in The Bahamas.


The Department has oversight of all aviation sectors included within the portfolio of the Ministry of Tourism Investments and Aviation and serves as the liaison between the Minister and these Aviation Departments

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Our goal is to provide a safe, secure and efficient air transportation system that contributes to economic growth and prosperity through service excellence. We are committed to providing an environment where people can achieve their fullest potential within a framework of professionalism, integrity, accountability and respect; while maintaining our commitment to quality customer service

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